This is an introduction section of the forum as well as rules and regulations to follow.
  • Dear Guest, Please read forum rules 👉Terms and rules before you create your first post or new resource. Introduce yourself to the community via 🤝 👉 Introduction section Feel free to contribute to the community!. DO NOT USE VPN to SIGN UP! Your account will be banned automatically. If you did not use VPN and your account has been rejected, send us message on Discord or on Telegram with your username

  • This article is about how to introduce yourself before starting your journey here.

    When posting a thread in the Introduction section please keep it simple. This is not a resource section where you have to post resources or the Giveaway section.

    If you wanna be a respected member of this community then do things right and spend some time on your introduction. Some download or request requires you to introduce yourself first, do so in the intro section of this forum.

    Let other members know something about you, your hobbies, and your skills. (no one is enforcing you to share private info, so please do not share your private information here).

    Read the terms and conditions of the forum.

    Threads with "Hi" "Hello" "Nice to meet you" and so on that won't follow the above guidelines will be considered spam and treated according to the rules of the board. Follow the rules and policies to enjoy the forum. Failing to introduce yourself and directly requesting resources will lead to banning you.

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